Who do I report a crime to?

If you are in need of police assistance for any reason while on campus, you can contact the UNC Charlotte Police Department at 704-687-2200. If you are near a university landline you can call 911 to speak with a police department representative. On weekdays between the hours of 8 AM- 5 PM, you can stop by the police department located at 9151 Cameron Blvd in the Facilities Management/ Police and Public Safety building. The building is located directly across from the UNC Charlotte Student Health Center. A departmental representative will be happy to assist you by putting you in contact with a police officer if one is needed or desired.      

If you have been the victim of a crime, witnessed a crime, or believe a crime is about to occur; contact the UNC Charlotte Police Department immediately and a police officer will be sent to your location to assist you. You can also contact the UNC Charlotte Police Department to report a suspicious person, vehicle, or package. University police also handle all wreck reports and traffic management for the UNC Charlotte campus.

Although we are fully empowered to enforce the laws of North Carolina as sworn Law Enforcement Officers, our jurisdiction is for the campus only. Currently there is a mutual aid agreement between UNC Charlotte PPS and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police department that extends our enforcement powers to areas directly adjacent to campus.